Why Us?

What makes us stand out over other servers?


Professional Staff

We have an in-depth staff selection and monitoring process which means you'll only be dealing with the most experienced staff members we have to offer.


Fast Downloads

With multiple FastDL servers, your downloads will be as fast as your internet speeds will allow them to be. No more waiting for hours on end to join a server.


Fair Donations

We don't believe in the Pay2Win experience, and therefore our donation packages are fair for the prices that we sell them for.


No Downtime

With a strong host, our server will never experience any unexpected downtime, which means a smooth experience without the fear of a crash.


Excellent Support

Have a problem or want to let us know about something? We have 24/7 support available and are always able to help.



We actively engage and communicate with our community in order to bring you the best experience possible, if you have a suggestion, we'll hear it.

Where do our strengths lie?

We're best at communicating with people, specifically you. We don't want you to feel left out in any of the server decisions and want you to be included in making Amnesia Roleplay a better place to play. As a member of Amnesia, your satisfaction is our highest priority. If we had to choose between money and you, we'd pick you (unless it was something like £1000, then maybe we'd pick the money but let's not focus on that right now).

Our Team

Here is the team that makes Amnesia Roleplay what it is:

Someone who you can rely on to get something done, Dino will handle any problem you throw at him and he won't stop until he's solved it.

- Dino Owner/Founder.

Adamn is the configurer for the server, sorry, I mean developer. He handles suggestions and donation queries. He's friendly but dislikes long conversations.

- Adamn Owner/Developer.

Penisu, or Luke, is our staff manager. He handles the promotions and demotions of staff members. Go to him if you have a problem with staff.

- Penisu Staff Manager.